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How to create API from Google spreadsheet?

  1. Copy this template.

  2. Prepare your dataset in the Google sheet in a tabular format.

    • Cell B1 will contain your API title.
    • Cell B2 will contain a short description of your API.
    • Cell B3 will contain your contact email address. (This will not be public)
    • Row 4 should carry headers.
  3. Publish the spreadsheet. Click to see how.

  4. Copy & paste the url here.

Use cases

Maintain a data of macros of your product 📊 for health websites to use.
A traveller maintaining a list of great instagrammable spots 📸 around the world for a travel website.
A database of spots where digital nomads 🎒 can work in your city. Great to build a website on.
Freelance recruiters can seamlessly sync candidates data 📑 with job websites they have tied up with.
Rate your local restaurants 🌮 on various factors. Share them with food websites
Create your own drink mixes 🥃 and share them with food websites
Schools can declare results 🗞 and share them via API with local websites.


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